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About Me

Food is more than just a meal – it represents family and community.


My goal is to bring together my extensive experience, creative spirit, and love of community to create unique culinary experiences for each of my clients. Every event is different; therefore, no standard menus are offered. Instead, I will work with you to determine precisely the right options to represent the nature of your event.

I take my inspiration from the agricultural utopia that is California’s Central Valley. I feel enormously blessed to have grown up in this region. I love experimenting in the kitchen to develop unique recipes that excite the palate and inspire the heart. Whether you are celebrating your wedding day, a graduation, or a unique gathering sparked by your imagination, I believe the food should represent the spirit of the event and offer comfort and delight.

I spent many years traveling the world and learning to cook a wide variety of foods. I have spent time in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Alaska exploring the cuisines of those regions. I brought this experience with me when I returned home and started Gesche’s Gourmet, and it informs my creative process when developing new dishes, and when revisiting old favorites.

Unlike restaurants and catering companies that are only focused on providing food, I take a keen interest in every aspect of your event and am engaged in the whole planning process. It is my pleasure to act as a support and guide in navigating the various options and making sure that all the details are properly attended to. I understand the complexities of event planning and look forward to collaborating with you.

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